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Webdav with mappable user/group ids for volumes
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WebDAV container

You can run this container in following way. You can then access the WebDAV instance at http://localhost:8888/webdav. Internally the folder /var/webdav is used as WebDAV root.

docker run -d -e USERNAME=test -e PASSWORD=test -p 8888:80 afhrad/webdav

Most of the work is from

Added functionality:

  • Add some userid/groupid for mapping users outside the container.

Sample docker-compose.yml_

    image: afhrad/webdav:latest
      USERNAME: <username>
      PASSWORD: <password>
      APACHE_GID: 1009
      APACHE_UID: 1008
      - "/samba/test:/var/webdav"
      - "./html/webdav1:/var/www/html"

So note that the APACHE_GID and APACHE_UID can be set and there will be an owner change in the container. Thus these IDs should match those on the volumes of the host-machine.


  • Implement default behaviour when APACHE_GID and APACHE_UID haven't been set.
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