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Image for CoRDial
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Derives from agakshat/cordial-base image
Adds all CoRDial files, apt-get installs ros-indigo-rospy-tutorials and python-twisted (needed to rosmake CoRDial), adds /cordial to the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and then installs CoRDial
It also has an entrypoint defined which sets the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH env var to include CoRDial, and then waits for further inputs from bash

This image can be used to run CoRDial directly. If an image deriving from this image installs a new ROS package or you do "source devel/setup.bash", the ROS_PACKAGE_PATH may get overwritten and not include /cordial, in which case this would need to be manually done in the entrypoint of the new image.

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