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Microservice for fetching changelogs from a remote url, parsing them, and returning as json.
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Changelog Parser


This library is meant to parse changelog files and convert its data to different formats.

It would be used to get dynamically data from a changelog file to inform users about the different versions and their changes.

With this library it is easy to use changelog data in any way.


You can use composer to set the library as your project dependency

composer require kern046/changelog-parser


To use this library, you can create an instance of the changelog manager

use ChangelogParser\Manager\ChangelogManager;

$changelogManager = new ChangelogManager();

To get the last version data of your changelog file, write the following code :

// The second parameter is optional, default is 'json'
$changelogManager->getLastVersion('', 'json');

To get a changelog from a remote URL, write the following code:

// The second parameter is optional, default is 'json'
$changelogManager->getLastVersion('', 'json');

To get all data contained in the changelog file, use the following method :

// The second parameter is optional, default is 'json'
$changelogManager->getAllVersions('', 'json');

The results of these functions are cached.

The default cache validity time is one hour.

You can modify it using the following way :

$cacheManager = $changelogManager->getCacheManager();
// The first argument is the validity time in seconds
// In the current example, the cache validity time is one day
$cacheManager->setCacheTime(60 * 60 * 24);


This parser may be run as an API. Simply copy the repository to your web server and reference the example directory. For convenience, a Docker Compose file is included. Running the following command will start a Docker container with the changelog-parser API running at [http://<docker_host>:8888

docker-compose up -d

The API accepts three query parameters:

Name Type Description
source url A valid URL to the changelog you wish to parse.
force boolean True if the cache should be flushed and the changelog fetched and regenerated.
latest boolean True if only the latest entry in the changelog should be returned.
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