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Dockerized tubeterest, based on my previous project Tubeterest, which is an example of a web application using Polymer library.

Following the Microservices architecture, the system consists on three services that run in separate containers:


Yo can find a demo, working here

Usage with git

Downloading the source code

$ git clone
$ cd docker-tubeterest
$ docker-compose up
// connect in your browser to <host IP>:8080

Usage with docker-compose, without source code

Just download docker-compose file to pull all images and build the app.

// download docker-compose file
$ curl -o docker-compose.yml
// run application
$ docker-compose up
// connect in your browser to <host IP>:8080

Usage with Docker Hub

No download needed, images will pull automatically.

// run mongo service
$ docker run -v "$(pwd)"/database:/data --name mongo_tubeterest -d mongo mongod --smallfiles
// run docker-tubeterest-node image
$ docker run -d --name node_tubeterest --link mongo_tubeterest:db ageapps/docker-tubeterest-node:latest
// run docker-tubeterest-nginx image
$ docker run -d --name nginx_tubeterest --link node_tubeterest:back -p 8080:80 ageapps/docker-tubeterest-nginx:latest
// connect in your browser to <host IP>:8080


  • Polymer: Front-End library
  • NGINX: Web server and reverse-proxi
  • Docker: Software containerization platform
  • node.js: Server enviroment.
  • MongoDB: NoSQL database system.
  • mongoose: MongoDB object modeling for node.js.
  • docker-build: Automated build of Docker images.
  • docker-compose: Automated configuration and run of multi-container Docker applications.
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