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Jupyter with Google Cloud Plataform API (Google Predict API)
Full Description

An easy way to get started with data science, using Docker. Containers that come preinstalled with ipython notebook and key packages in the scientific stack.

  • Include Graphlab Create lib for python.

Getting started

  • Run sh python2 (switch python2 for another container to build that one`).
    • You can also pull the container by running docker pull dataquestio/python2-starter. Replace python2 with any other container you want.
  • Run docker run -d -p 8888:8888 -v ORIGIN_FOLDER:/home/ds/notebooks dataquestio/python2-starter
    • Replace python2-starter with the container you want.
    • Replace ORIGIN_FOLDER with a folder on your local machine that you want to persist notebooks in.
  • Open your browser and start working with IPython notebook.
    • On Linux, the url will be localhost:8888.
    • On Windows/OSX, run docker-machine ip default (replace default with the name of your machine). Then, you'll be able to access IPython notebook at CONTAINER_IP:8888.


Contributions are welcome -- please submit a PR if you want to modify the Dockerfiles, or add to the requirements.

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