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A lightweight client for the SheepIt! render farm
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A simple dockerized SheepIt render farm client

After being appalled by @dapor2000's monstrous 1.2 GB SheepIt client image, I took it upon myself to build a somewhat more lightweight client, and after a few hours, came up with this Debian-based image that is a fifth the size, acts as a drop-in replacement, and auto-updates the client on container startup.

There's probably a little more room for fat trimming, since this was adapted from an old Ubuntu VM setup script, but I'm satisfied with where things are currently.


Pretty similar to @dapor2000's, just swap out your username and password.

docker run -d \
 --name "sheepit" \
 -e user_name=XXXXXX \
 -e user_password=XXXXXX \

You can also specify the cpu variable to override autodetection; like -e cpu=4.

Extra bits

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SheepIt client GitHub repo
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