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Android NDK OpenSSH (with HPN) + OpenSSL + libbthread + LDNS Builder
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This is a Android NDK OpenSSH with High Performance Networking (HPN) including the multi-threaded AES CTR cipher and dynamic window sizes + OpenSSL + libbthread + LDNS Builder image.

You can use it to build OpenSSH with HPN as position independant executable (PIE) for the Android ARM android-21 platform (eg. Android 5 and higher) using GCC 4.9.


mkdir -p data/local

docker run -t -i --rm --env ARCH_NAME=arm -v ./data/local:/data/local aguindehi/android-openssh ./build

The result of the compile can be found in ./data/local and needs to be installed to the root folder of your Android device.

Environment variables:




Currently only ARCH_NAME=arm is able to fully compile OpenSSH. GOOGLE_PLATFORM=21 allows to compile for Android 5.

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