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OpenID Connect Provider
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Aiakos - OpenID Connect Provider

Aiakos is an OpenID Connect server that supports both local and federated authentication. It's meant to be used as a single, centralized gateway to all your services, so that you can manage your users in a single place, they can benefit from Single Sign-On, and your apps don't need to worry about authentication.

Local auth

Users can log in using login and password.

Federated auth

Users can log in using external, standards-compliant OpenID Providers (like Google). Aiakos also supports some legacy (non-OIDC) OAuth2 servers, like GitHub and GitLab.

Two Factor Authentication

TODO We're going to support TOTP.


Currently, this repo contains multiple packages; they'll get split into multiple repos when the project matures.

Client libraries

Any standards-compliant OpenID Connect library may be used.

We also provide our own client libraries:

  • openid-connect (Python 2.7/3.x) - Low-level Python OIDC Client library + wrappers for legacy protocols
  • django-auth-oidc (Python 2.7/3.x) - Django authentication module for authentication using only a single OpenID Provider


The recommended way to deploy aiakos is to use the official docker container - aiakos/aiakos.

Deployment configuration

Aiakos is using dj12 for twelve-factor configuration support.

See dj12 usage for a list of supported options. Note that we are not using cache right now.

Aiakos-specific options

  • HOME_URL (optional) - URL to redirect to when a logged in user accesses /; by default he'll get redirected to the app list view
  • BOOTSTRAP_THEME_URL (optional) - Bootstrap theme to use, you can find many free ones at
  • BOOTSTRAP_THEME_INTEGRITY (optional) - Integrity checksum of the Bootstrap theme


Use django-admin migrate to set up / update the database.

Initial user account

Use django-admin createsuperuser to create first user account.

TODO Automatically create root:root user account as a migration.

Deploying to Heroku

$ heroku create
$ git push heroku master

$ heroku run python -m aiakos migrate
$ heroku run python -m aiakos creatersakey
$ heroku run python -m aiakos createsuperuser
$ heroku open


OpenID Clients and external OpenID Providers can be configured in the Django admin panel - available at /admin.

Example client

You can find an example client in the example-client-django repo.


Please set up a git hook that'll automatically enforce project's style:

git config core.hooksPath githooks/


Aiakos is dual-licenced; you may choose the terms of the MIT License or the BSD 2-Clause License.

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