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A torrent index archiving, browsing, and backup tool
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The goal of BitCannon is to provide the tools to easily aggregate the content of many torrent sites into an easily browse-able format.

BitCannon aims to be as user friendly as possible while still providing robustness and the features you would expect. We hope the average user will use BitCannon to keep personal bittorrent archives, but we strive to produce code that can stand up to running a public mirror as well.


docker pull mongo
docker pull aidanharris/bitcannon
docker run --name bc_mongodb -v /srv/mongodb/data/db:/data/db -p -d mongo
docker run -it --name bitcannon -p --link mongodb:mongo "aidanharris/bitcannon" bash -c "NODE_ENV=production node /var/www/www --bitcannonPort 1337 --databaseConfig:address \$(getIP)"
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