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Talk2Docker is a simple Docker client to talk to Docker daemon.

Contributions and suggestions would be appreciated, though it's aimed at my learning Go and Docker Remote API.


  • Handle multiple Docker daemons
  • Support multiple Dockerfiles to build in the top folder of your project
  • Create containers from a YAML file like Docker Compose (formerly fig)
  • Display a tree of all images, which Docker deprecates
  • Display a history of an image, modeled on Dockerfile
  • Show uploaded files to build in verbose mode and debug mode
  • Handle volumes, inspired by cpuguy83/docker-volumes
  • Support uploading a file/folder to a containter
  • Output in JSON or YAML format as well
  • Organize commands by category


  • Only work with Docker Remote API v1.16 or later

Tested with

  • boot2docker v1.4.1 (aufs, devicemapper)
  • CoreOS Beta 557.2.0 (btrfs)
  • CoreOS Alpha 575.0.0 (overlay)
  • only-docker v0.8.0 (overlay)
  • Rancheros Lite (overlay)
  • DockerRoot (overlay)

Building talk2docker


How to build

$ git clone
$ cd talk2docker
$ make

Cross-compiling talk2docker


How to build

$ git clone
$ cd talk2docker
$ vagrant up


$ talk2docker
Talk2Docker - Yet Another Docker Client to talk to Docker daemon

  talk2docker [flags]
  talk2docker [command]

Available Commands:
  ps          List containers
  ls          List images
  vs          List volumes
  hosts       list hosts
  build       Build an image from a Dockerfile
  compose     Create containers
  commit      Create a new image from a container
  version     Show the version information
  container   Manage containers
  image       Manage images
  host        Manage hosts
  registry    Manage registries
  config      Manage the configuration file
  docker      Execute the original docker cli

  -C, --config string   Path to the configuration file (default "$HOME/.talk2docker/config")
  -D, --debug           Print debug messages
  -h, --help            help for talk2docker
  -H, --host string     Docker hostname to use its config (runtime only)
  -J, --json            Output in JSON format
  -V, --verbose         Print verbose messages
  -v, --version         Print version information
  -Y, --yaml            Output in YAML format

Use "talk2docker [command] --help" for more information about a command.

You can find more details in docs and examples.


Talk2Docker uses a YAML file to configure a connection to Docker daemon.
It locates $HOME/.talk2docker/config by default.
If it doesn't exist, it will be created automatically as below.

default: default
- name: default
  url: unix:///var/run/docker.sock

You can edit/add multiple hosts where Docker daemon runs, as below.

default: vagrant
- name: default
  url: unix:///var/run/docker.sock
- name: vagrant
  url: tcp://localhost:2375
- name: boot2docker
  url: tcp://
  description: on boot2docker-vm managed by boot2docker
  tls: true
  tls-ca-cert: /Users/ailis/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/ca.pem
  tls-cert: /Users/ailis/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/cert.pem
  tls-key: /Users/ailis/.boot2docker/certs/boot2docker-vm/key.pem
  tls-verify: true
$ talk2docker version
$ talk2docker --host=boot2docker version


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