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RStudio with Rcpp development environment
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Using Rcpp with RStudio, the basic usage as follows:

$ cat


echo -e "Download RStudio with rcpp docker images ...\n"
sudo docker pull ajia/rstudio_rcpp:latest


echo -e "Starting RStudio docker container ...\n"
cid=$(sudo docker run -d -p $cport:$cport ajia/rstudio_rcpp:latest)

echo -e "The current container ID: $cid\n"

echo -e "Get IP address of RStudio container\n"
ip=$(sudo docker inspect -f "{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}" $cid)

echo -e "The current IP address of RStudio container: $ip\n"

echo -e "Using firefox browser to open RStudio\n"
firefox $ip:$cport

$ sh

Docker Pull Command