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Open sTeam is a collaboration platform.
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sTeam (societyserver)

sTeam (structuring information in a team) is an open-source environment for the structuring and maintenance of virtual knowledge spaces. It provides a wealth of different mechanisms to support communicative and cooperative learning and work processes.
The project website can be accessed at
This docker image contains all the necessary dependencies to start the sTeam server.
It also includes the sTeam UI and the Rest API along with it's dependencies. These have already been installed and developer can start collaborating to it. For information on usage and collaborating see the project description page on github.
These have been installed in the directory /home/
Firefox is also installed to see the changes made in the sTeam UI. The instructions for launching it are given below.
To start the server

docker pull ajinkya007/societyserver 
docker run -i -t ajinkya007/societyserver /bin/bash  
Docker Pull Command