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Short Description
Docker gelf logging driver -> redis via fluentd. Adds docker metadata and optionally EC2 metadata
Full Description

Docker Gelf log driver -> Redis with custom docker metadata and ec2 metadata

Simple fluentd container to pull logs from the gelf docker logging driver, write
docker metadata to a custom format, append ec2 metadata, and ship to redis for
further processing with logstash.

environment variables

  • REDIS_HOST - Required. Host name for the redis server in the form
  • REDIS_KEY - Required. Redis key to RPUSH events into
  • LABELS - Optional. Comma-separated list of docker labels to include in the event
  • REDIS_PORT - Optional. Defaults to 6379
  • LOGSTASH_OPTS - Optional. Default set of options to apply to all events being sent through
    fluentd. This should be an escaped json string. This will be added to the options key of the event. Per-container
    logstash opts can be set by setting the LOGSTASH_OPTS environment variable
    on the container whose logs are being ingested and passing --log-opt env=LOGSTASH_OPTS
    to you docker run command.

To run a docker container with this log driver:

docker run
  --log-opt gelf-address=udp://x.x.x.x:5170
  --log-opt gelf-compression-type=none debian:jessie echo "Hello Gelf"

Example of the log event this will send to redis:

   "ec2" : {
      "instance-id" : "i-12345678",
      "public-ip" : "",
      "private-ip" : "",
      "instance-type" : "m3.large",
      "ami-id" : "ami-123456"
   "instance-id" : "i-12345678",
   "message" : "Hello Gelf again",
   "host" : "96bd3871c82a",
   "@timestamp" : "2016-06-08T21:53:06.916687081+00:00",
   "@version" : "1",
   "docker" : {
      "labels" : {
        "foo" : "bar"
      "image_tag" : "jessie",
      "docker_host" : "moby",
      "image_id" : "sha256:bb5d89f9b6cb74ecdbaea2b81dd51bfd34dbafb97952459c3f58154bc58b4131",
      "args" : "echo Hello Gelf again",
      "cid" : "1a96f285f76d30361f4ea01f7bc07e71e7db565eedb96e2aa2b5004c999a1f3d",
      "image" : "debian:jessie",
      "created" : "2016-06-08T21:53:06.587571259Z",
      "name" : "goofy_jones"
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