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stress in Alpine based container.
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The goal is to restrict container cpu consumption.
The test uses an Alpine-based container runnign the application stress.

Use the included script to spawn as many containers as needed:

./ ajnouri/stress-cpu-alpine <nbr-of-container> {docker option to test}

Use docker stats for monitoring CPU resource consumption of the spawned containers:

docker stats $(for i in {1..5}; do echo -n "test-container$i "; done)

1- Let's first observe 10 containers Without any restriction. By default, all containers will share the totality of cpu of all cores.

2- Now let's set max cpu% restriction per container using docker run option --cpu-quota=x000 (x%)

3- It is also possible to assign containers to specific cpu cores using --cpuset="<core1>,<core2>,..."

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