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Enhancements to rally
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Rally is an opensource tool that is used for performance , scale and benchmarking of openstack clouds. Refer to the following document for rally info
In this docker image we have made certain enhancements to rally. We added the following scenarios. Most of the scenarios you see will be coded under the
rally/benchmark/scenarios/vm_int directory to keep them seperated

  1. iperf L2 and L3 scenario with support for multiple flows. Way to use it is set the same value for concurrency and times. Examples in doc directory
  2. VM hypervisor test to boot a VM on each hypervisor node
  3. Boot create network scenario which scales VMs/networks at same time
  4. Cinder scenario to support mounting partition and file system operations
  5. Neutron scenario to create N Vms spanning N/2 networks across all hypervisors (does not clean up. We use this to test migration later on)
  6. Sanity json file under rally_sanity.json that is used for system sanity
  7. Wrapper HA script to test HA in parallel with rally
  8. Ability to create more than 1 network as part of neutron network context
  9. Ability for creating admin users from rally (Used for availability zone based scheduling)
  10. Ganglia integration into rally
  11. Simple shared memory locking between scenarios

Coming in next image (1 week)

  1. Swift scenarios
  2. LBAAS test scenario

1.Enhance HA wrapper script to be a proper pluggable HA infra

  1. ipv6 dual stack support in rally
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