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installation instructions ::

If you need to run the artifactory server without docker-compose ::

follow this steps >>

mysql-server need version equal or greater than 5.5
create the user with password and databases on this server ::

mysql -u root -p

CREATE USER 'artifactory@user'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'artifactory@password';
CREATE DATABASE  artifactory@db;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON artifactory@db.* TO 'artifactory@user'@'%';

run this command in your docker machine ::

docker run -it --name artifactory-server --hostname  artifactory-server -e MYSQL_HOST= -e MYSQL_USER= artifactory@user -e MYSQL_DATABASE= artifactory@db -e MYSQL_PASSWORD= artifactory@password akhilrajmailbox/artifactory:artifactory-server /bin/bash

in the above docker run command,

mysql database ::
mysql-user :: artifactory@user
mysql-database :: artifactory@db
mysql-user password :: artifactory@password

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