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Non-official Docker image for Datomic Free Edition based on the official Java Image.
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Datomic Free Edition

Non-official Docker image for Datomic Free Edition based on the official
Java Image.

The use of Datomic Free Edition is governed by the terms of the Datomic Free
Edition License which you can find here. By using this Docker image, you
are agreeing to those terms.


To start a container with Docker running at localhost, the following command
is sufficient

docker run -d -p 4334-4336:4334-4336 --name datomic-free akiel/datomic-free

You can access your databases through this URIs


If your Docker host differs from localhost, you have to specify the hostname or
IP through the environment variable ALT_HOST

docker run -d -p 4334-4336:4334-4336 -e ALT_HOST=<DOCKER_HOST> --name datomic-free akiel/datomic-free

and access your databases through the URIs


The image exposes two volumes, one /data and one /log volume. If you give
your containers names like in the commands above, you don't have to bind
something to the /data volume. Your data will be preserved over container
restarts. But it is recommended to use a volume container or host directory as
described in Managing Data in Containers.

Specific Versions

To run a specific version of Datomic, you can use tags. The following images are

  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5656
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5651
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5561.62
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5561.59
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5561.56
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5561.54
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5561.50
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5561
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5554
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5544
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5530
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5407
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5404
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5394
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5390
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5385
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5372
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5359
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5350
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5344
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5327
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5302
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5206
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5201
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5198
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5186
  • akiel/datomic-free:0.9.5173
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