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Example ToDo Service demonstrating Hypermedia Application Protocol (HAP).
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This software is ALPHA.


Example ToDo Service demonstrating the Hypermedia Application Protocol.

Hosted HAP ToDo

A hosted version of HAP ToDo is available here. It's open to everyone and
has only a volatile in-memory database. So don't expect it to hold your example
data. The best way to try out HAP ToDo is by using the HAP Browser and
entering in the address bar.


A walkthrough explaining HAP by using HAP ToDo as example is available here.

Usage with Leiningen

To start the service with leiningen, run the following command

lein with-profile production trampoline run

Usage on Heroku Compatible PaaS

This application uses the following environment vars:

  • PORT - the port to listen on

If you have foreman installed you can create an .env file listing the
environment vars specified above and just type foreman start.

Docker Image

There is a docker image of HAP ToDo available on Docker Hub. You can run
the latest version using:

docker run -d -p 8080:80 --name hap-todo akiel/hap-todo


You can start a REPL with lein repl. After it is up, go into the user
namespace which is located in under dev. There is a comment block
"Init Development". Just invoke the function:


You should be able to see the ToDo service running at port 8080. If you like to
specify a different port, you can do it in the .lein-env file like so

{:port "5004"}


Copyright © 2015 Alexander Kiel

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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