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Lens is a tool for online analytical data processing in medical studies.
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Please start at the Top-Level Lens Repo.

Lens App

The Lens App is a static ClojureScript frontend single page app using various
backend services. Please see section Architecture for more


Currently a complete compilation including a production optimized ClojureScript
to JavaScript compilation works using:

lein with-profile production compile :all


lein cljsbuild test

Run Lens App with Docker

There is an automated build of Lens App on Docker Hub which builds a
container running a Nginx web server which delivers the static files of the
Lens App web application and proxies the backend services.

The container exposes port 80 and needs three environment variables

Start the container with the following command

docker run -p 80:80 -e AUTH_HOST=<...> -e WORKBOOK_HOST=<...> -e WAREHOUSE_HOST=<...> akiel/lens-app


Lens App uses figwheel

rlwrap lein figwheel

Currently I get many warnings if I start figwheel without doing a lein clean

You need to have the five backend services of Lens running under the URIs
specified in the resources/public/index-dev.html. Currently this is

var lensAuth = "http://localhost:5001/auth";
var lensWorkbook = "http://localhost:5002/wb";
var lensWarehouse = "http://localhost:5003/wh";
var lensReport = "";
var lensAcrf = "";


Lens as a system consists of one frontend web application and various backend
services and so follows the style of a microservice architecture.

The frontend application Lens App is build after the principles described in
Static Apps. Lens App is written in ClojureScript which is compiled to
JavaScript at build time. After loading Lens App in the browser, it talks to
various backend services through AJAX.

Authentication and Authorization

Lens backend services use token-based authentication. Bearer tokens are
used. The tokens are issued by the Lens Auth service.

Frontend State Management and DOM Update

TODO: React, Om


Copyright © 2015 Alexander Kiel

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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