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Service acting as a proxy for remote services outside of the current docker environment
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What is this?

Docker container for seamless integration of remote services, short name: drsp.


Starting a container that will serve on port 7500

docker run --name=proxy -d -p 7500:7500 akosratku/drsp 7500=

Starting a container that will serve localhost:8080 on port 8080 and on port 7500

Note: --add-host= below adds the current ip of en0 as localhost to the proxy container. This snippet is OSX specific if you are on any other OS change $(ipconfig getifaddr en0) to obtain the ip address.

docker run --add-host=localhost:$(ipconfig getifaddr en0) -p 7500:7500 -p 6000:6000 -d akosratku/drsp 7500=http://localhost:8080 6000=

Docker compose

  image: akosratku/drsp
  command: 7500=http://localhost:8080
    - "localhost:"
    - "7500:7500"

Development with drsp

You can switch any service in your docker-compose.yml to drsp so you can debug and develop more easily. Create a docker-compose.override.yml file and overwrite the service you wish to serve from outside of docker-compose (e.g. from your IDE).


drsp is using nginx for proxying. After start if you inspect the container with docker logs <CONTAINER_ID> you will see the generated nginx.conf.

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