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Base Docker images with heroku toolset and ruby installed. /private-docs also includes jekyll-auth
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Dockerfiles to create automated jekyll and jekyll-auth environments to build static web documents

Current ruby version installed = 2.3.0
Instructions for usage:

  • Install docker in your environment: Instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux are here:
  • run the jekyll_doc_builder image by issuing the following command (Port 4000 is arbitary, choose the port based on where you expect your jekyll website to build. Here the assumption is the jekyll website will run on inside your docker container)
docker run -itd -p 4000:4000 --name doc_builder jekyll_doc_builder 
  • Jump into the docker container
docker exec -it doc_builder bash
  • Now you can clone the jekyll repo of your choice and run it:
git clone https://link/to/your-jekyll-repo
cd your-jekyll-repo/
bundle install
jekyll serve --host --port 4000 --config
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