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AGDISTIS - Agnostic Named Entity Disambiguation
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AGDISTIS - Agnostic Named Entity Disambiguation

This projects aimes at delivering a framework for disambiguating a priori annotated named entities.

More information about the project can be found here and in our Wiki.

Supplementary material can be found in the documents folder.

We hope you will enjoy using AGDISTIS!

Support and Feedback

If you need help or you have questions do not hesitate to write an email to Ricardo Usbeck. Or use the issue tracker in the right sidebar.

How to cite

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The first version of this work was supported by the ESF and the Free State of Saxony.
AGDISTIS is now supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EuroStars.

Annotation Tool

The used annotation tool can be downloaded from here.


The deployed webservice does not reflect the optimal parametrization of AGDISTIS as published.



How to run

mvn clean package tomcat:run

For more information, go to our Wiki.

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