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Cron Backup Docker

This docker container provides a backup cron job for a linked Virtuoso Triple Store.

Usage instructions

The container can be executed through the following example command:

docker run -d --link '<virtuoso container name>':virtuoso -e GIT_REPO='<ssh clone url>' -e GIT_EMAIL='<git email>' -e GIT_NAME='<git name>' -v '<.shh directory>':/root/.ssh '<docker image name>'

The container provides the following environment variables which could be set through the -e parameter:

  • GIT_REPO needs to be a SSH URL like ``
  • GIT_EMAIL needs to be set
  • GIT_NAME needs to be set
  • CRONTAB by default this is set to a midnight build (0 0 * * *)

To authenticate with the backup GitHub repository the container uses SSH. Therefore the hosts .ssh folder
will be injected to /root/.ssh in the containers file system through:

-v '<.shh directory>':/root/.ssh

The hosts .ssh folder needs to contain the proper private ssh key and needs to be added to
the known_hosts file.

Finally the backup repository needs the public ssh key.

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