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Short Description
CLI tool to set up a DLD configuration (prepares import data and docker-compose)
Full Description

Bootstrap Dockerizing

requirements (for users)

The required python libraries are listed in requirements.txt. This tool has
been tested against Python 2.7.10 with recent versions:


To use pip to ensure up-to-date versions of the requirements installed, invoke

pip install -Ur requirements.txt

pyenv can be useful to be able to obtain a
more recent Python version not provisioned by your package manager on *nix.
It also helps to circumvent interferences by providing an easy possibilty
to set up an isolated virtualenv for the use of
(The pyenv installer is an easy
way to set pyenv up.)

notes for developers

Please find an additional set of requirements for tests etc. specified in

Use nosetests to run some coarse integrations tests defined in the tests
directory. Some tests depend von DBpedia dump data that can be retrieved by
invoking the tests/ script.

This tool utilized the Python logging libraries. By default, only selective
message with lean log formatting is put to stdout for non-developer usage.
You can trigger complete logging of all log messages to the logs/ directory
and also debug messages to stdout my setting the DLD_DEV environment variable
(to any value different from the null-string).

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