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Loader to remotely import data into Virtuoso using isql.
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RDF Store Importer - Docker Container

Docker container to import data into RDF stores (currently only Virtuoso Opensource).


Clone this repository and build with:

docker build -t loader .

Create a folder import/ and insert some RDF files (file format can be ttl, nt, ...) to import.

The graph will be extracted from filename (example: test.nt goes to http://test/). If you need a specific graph, just create a file [filename].[filextension].graph which only contains the base URI as string.


import/my-data.nt (RDF-Data)

import/my-data.nt.graph (Graph, content: http://my-graph-uri/)


docker run -v $PWD/import:/import_store -e "STORE_1=uri=>http://ip-addr:8890/sparql user=>dba pwd=>dba" loader

The -v parameter creates a volume to the import folder.

With the -e parameter stores can be passed to the container. Change the uri to your local requirements.

Its also possible to give more than one store, to import data. Example:

docker run -v $PWD/import:/import_store \
    -e "STORE_1=uri=>http://ip-addr-1:8890/sparql user=>dba pwd=>dba" \
    -e "STORE_2=uri=>http://ip-addr-2:8890/sparql user=>dba pwd=>dba" \
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