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Virtuoso 7 Docker Container

This container provided OpenLink Virtuoso Open-Source (@github) in a container.
This container is not provided and maintained by OpenLink Software, so please don't blaim them for any malfunctions.

Usage instructions

You can run the container with the following command.
Please provide a name to the container, you will need to link other containers with it.
The -d option runs the container in detached mode (in the background).

docker run -d --name="<virtuoso container name>" <other argument see below> virtuoso7:latest

The image comes with a fallback configuration file (virtuoso.ini) and will store teh database files in the containers filesystem in /var/lib/virtuoso/db/.
If you want to persist the virtuoso database files on the host system you can mount a host directory as volume into the docker container.
You will also need to provide a configuration file with it.
The following argument includes the local directory to the container.

-v <host virtuoso directory>:/var/lib/virtuoso/db

The default login for virtuoso is username and password dba.
You are encouraged to change the default password to some secret with the environment variabel $PWDDBA as follows.
(This environment variable will be available to other docer containers, which are linked to this container via the --link option.)

-e PWDDBA="<your secret goes here>"

If you want to access the virtuoso directly from your host you can also expose the virtuoso port (8890) and the ODBC port (1111) with the following arguments:

-p <your virtuoso port>:8890 -p <your odbc/jdbc port>:1111
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