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Deprecated. Go to "emcmongoose/mongoose" repo instead this.
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Mongoose is a high-load storage performance testing automation tool.

The Mongoose Load Engine is capable to work with:

  • A million of concurrent connections
  • A million of operations per second
  • A million of items which may be processed multiple times in the circular load mode
  • A million of items which may be stored in the storage mock

Basically, Mongoose may be started very simply:

java -jar mongoose.jar


  1. Distributed Mode
  2. Reporting:
    1. Item lists for reusing
    2. Statistics for the rates and timings
    3. High-resolution timings for each operation
  3. Load Types:
    1. Create (with Copy Mode as an extension)
    2. Read
    3. Update (with Append as an extension)
    4. Delete
    5. No-op
  4. Item Types:
    1. Containers (Bucket/Directory/etc)
    2. Data Items (Object/File/etc)
    3. Tokens (Subtenant/etc - to be implemented soon)
  5. Cloud Storages Support:
    1. Amazon S3
    2. EMC Atmos
    3. OpenStack Swift
  6. Filesystem Load Support
  7. Content Modification/Verification Ability
  8. Custom Content
  9. Circular Load Mode
  10. Scenario Scripting
  11. Throttling
  12. Web GUI
  13. Dynamic Configuration Values
  14. Custom Items Naming
  15. SSL/TLS Support
  16. Docker Integration

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