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Dockerized neural-style algorithm
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A dockerized version of neural style transfer algorithms.
nvidia-docker is used to make use of GPU hardware.




You can either pull the Docker image from Docker Hub with

docker pull albarji/neural-style

or build the image locally with



This docker container operates by receiving images through a volume to be mounted at the /images directory. For instance, to apply a style image somestyle.png onto a content image somecontent.png located at the current directory, run:

nvidia-docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/images albarji/neural-style --content somecontent.png --style somestyle.png

All paths referenced in the arguments are regarded as relative to the /images folder within the container. So in case of having a local structure such as


applying the vangogh.png style to the docker.png image amounts to

nvidia-docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/images albarji/neural-style --content contents/docker.png --style styles/vangogh.png

You can provide several content and style images, in which case all cross-combinations will be generated.

nvidia-docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/images albarji/neural-style --content contents/docker.png contents/whatever.jpg --style styles/vangogh.png styles/picasso.png

Fine tuning the results

Better results can be attained by modifying some of the transfer parameters.


The --alg parameter allows changing the neural style transfer algorithm to use.

  • gatys: highly detailed transfer, slow processing times (default)
  • chen-schmidt: fast patch-based style transfer
  • chen-schmidt-inverse: even faster aproximation to chen-schmidt through the use of an inverse network

The following example illustrates kind of results to be expected by these different algorithms

Content image Algorithm Style image
Chen-Schmidt Inverse

Output image size

By default the output image will have the same size as the input content image, but a different target size can be specified through the --size parameter. For example, to produce a 512 image

nvidia-docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/images albarji/neural-style --content contents/docker.png --style styles/vangogh.png --size 512

Note the proportions of the image are maintained, therefore the value of the size parameter is understood as the width of the target image, the height being scaled accordingly to keep proportion.

If the image to be generated is large, a tiling strategy will be used, applying the neural style transfer method to small tiles of the image and stitching them together. Tiles overlap to provide some guarantees on overall consistency.

You can control the size of these tiles through the --tilesize parameter. Higher values will generally produce better quality results and faster rendering times, but they will also incur in larger memory consumption. Note also that since the full style image is applied to each tile, as a result the style features will appear as smaller in the rendered image.

Style weight

Gatys algorithm allows to adjust the amount of style imposed over the content image, by means of the --sw parameter. By default a value of 10 is used, meaning the importance of the style is 10 times the importance of the content. Smaller weight values result in the transfer of colors, while higher values transfer textures and details of the style

If several weight values can be provided, all combinations will be generated. For instance, to generate the same style transfer with three different weights, use

nvidia-docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/images albarji/neural-style --content contents/docker.png --style styles/vangogh.png --sw 5 10 20

Style scale

If the transferred style results in too large or too small features, the scaling can be modified through the --ss parameter. A value of 1 keeps the style at its original scale. Smaller values reduce the scale of the style, resulting in smaller style features in the output image. Conversely, larger values produce larger features. Similarly to the style weight, several values can be provided

nvidia-docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/images albarji/neural-style --content contents/docker.png --style styles/vangogh.png --ss 0.75 1 1.25

Warning: using a value larger than 1 will increasy the memory consumption.


Transparency values (alpha channels) are preserved by the neural style transfer. Note for instance how in the Wikipedia logo example above the transparent background is not transformed.


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