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Docker - Plex Media Server

A (sort of) minimal Ubuntu Utopic container running Plex Media Server

Uses a slightly modified version of MrWorf's Plex update script to keep Plex up to date!


Simply attach a local volume to /plexmediaserver in the container to save your configs and cache (or don't, I don't care).
If you have Plex Pass, then set your credentials with PLEX_USERNAME and PLEX_PASSWORD

$ docker run -d -p 32400:32400 -v /path/to/plex:/plexmediaserver albertdixon/plexmediaserver plex

Environment Variables

Var Name Default Value Description
PLEX_MEDIA_SERVER_APPLICATION_SUPPORT_DIR /plexmediaserver All the plex generated stuff: logs, cache, plugins, etc.
AUTOINSTALL yes Don't change this, auto installs updates
DOWNLOADDIR /plexupdate Where update packages are downloaded to
FORCE no Force install updates
PUBLIC no Use public update channel. Auto set to 'yes' if PLEX_USERNAME or PLEX_PASSWORD not set
RELEASE 64-bit Use 64-bit packages
URL_DOWNLOAD Plex Pass URL for package download
URL_DOWNLOAD_PUBLIC Public URL for package downloads
URL_LOGIN Plex login URL
UPDATE_TIME 1:00 Daily time to try updates
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