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Provides a running instance of Apache NiFi (
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Version 1.1.2

Apache NiFi Dockerfile

Provides a Dockerfile and associated scripts for configuring an instance of Apache NiFi to run with certificate authentication.

Sample Usage

From your checkout directory:

  1. Build the image

     docker build -t aldrin/apache-nifi .
  2. Run the image

     docker run -i -t --rm \
             -p 8443:443 \
         -v ${cert_path}:/opt/certs \
         -v $(readlink -f ./authorized-users.xml):/opt/nifi/conf/authorized-users.xml \
         -e KEYSTORE_PATH=/opt/certs/keystore.jks \
         -e KEYSTORE_TYPE=JKS \
         -e KEYSTORE_PASSWORD=password \
         -e TRUSTSTORE_PATH=/opt/certs/truststore.jks \
         -e TRUSTSTORE_PASSWORD=password \
`-p 8443:443`
exposes the UI at port 8443 on the Docker host system

`-v ${cert_path}:/opt/certs` 
maps the 'cert_path' location on the host system to the container as the source of the relevant keystores

`-i -t` Allocates a TTY and keeps STDIN open

`-v $(readlink -f ./authorized-users.xml):/opt/nifi/conf/authorized-users.xml` Maps an authorized-users.xml into the container over the default one provided
  1. Wait for the image to initalize

     2015-03-21 18:14:37,879 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.web.server.JettyServer NiFi has started. The UI is available at the following URLs:
     2015-03-21 18:14:37,880 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.web.server.JettyServer
     2015-03-21 18:14:37,880 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.web.server.JettyServer
     2015-03-21 18:14:37,880 INFO [main] org.apache.nifi.NiFi Controller initialization took 4572051363 nanoseconds.
  2. Access through your Docker host system

  3. Stopping

  • From the terminal used to start the container above, perform a Ctrl+C to send the interrupt to the container.
  • Alternatively, execute a docker command for the container via a docker stop <container id> or docker kill <container id>



  • The Dockerfile specifies an environment variable NIFI_HOME via the ENV command


  • The following directories are exposed as volumes which may optionally be mounted to a specified location
    • /opt/certs
    • ${NIFI_HOME}/flowfile_repository
    • ${NIFI_HOME}/content_repository
    • ${NIFI_HOME}/database_repository
    • ${NIFI_HOME}/provenance_repository
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