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Dockerfiles for Polis project
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Turn-based web game set in the ancient Greece in which each player takes control of one city, managing it in the political, economical, cultural and military matters and gaining or losing splendour after each action. The first polis to achieve the splendour goal will enter in the annals of the civilization.

Required applications

Load of aliases

For convenience a series of aliases have been created inside the folder artifacts, you can load them automatically running the next command:

cat <<EOF >> ~/.zshrc
if [ -f $PWD/artifacts/aliases ]; then
    export POLIS_PATH=$PWD
    source $PWD/artifacts/aliases
source ~/.zshrc

Install dependencies

Those commands just need to be executed once, they will download the PHP, Node and Bower dependencies
and every time a new dependency is added/changed

polis-compose build
polis-compose run backend install-app

Start the development environment

polis-compose up -d
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