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Docker container ready for crosscompilation of programs for the BeagleBone Black.
Full Description

BeagleBone cross-compilation in a Docker container.

Installs the BeagleBone cross-compilation toolchain into a debian:jessie Docker image.
This project is available as siana/cross-bbb-debian on Docker Hub (not yet).
Based on the work of sdt/docker-raspberry-pi-cross-compiler, all credits for them.


  • the arm-linux-gnueabihf toolchain for the BeagleBone Black target, included in this package.
  • commands in the container are run as the calling user, so that any created files have the expected ownership (ie. not root).
  • make variables (CC, LD etc) are set to point to the appropriate tools in the container.
  • ARCH, CROSS_COMPILE and HOST environment variables are set in the container
  • current directory is mounted as the container's workdir, /build
  • works with boot2docker on OSX and Windows (TBC).


This image is not intended to be run manually. Instead, there is a helper script which comes bundled with the image.

To install the helper script, run the image with no arguments, and redirect the output to a file.


docker run siana/cross-bbb-debian > bbbxc
chmod +x bbbxc
mv bbbxc ~/bin/

Because the tool calls docker, tha caller has to be run with root privileges (on Ubuntu at least). To use the tool as a non-root user, do the following:

Add the docker group if not already there and add yourself to it:

sudo groupadd docker
sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker

Restart the docker service by issuing either sudo service docker restart OR sudo service restart (Depending on your distribution).

Then log out and log in back or log into the group by issuing newgrp docker.

NOTE: Guide taken from this Ubuntu thread.


bbbxc [command] [args...]

Execute the given command-line inside the container.

If the command matches one of the bbbxc built-in commands (see below), that will be executed locally, otherwise the command is executed inside the container.

bbbxc -- [command] [args...]

To force a command to run inside the container (in case of a name clash with a built-in command), use -- before the command.

Built-in commands

bbbxc update-image

Fetch the latest version of the docker image.

bbbxc update-script

Update the installed bbbxc script with the one bundled in the image.

bbbxc update

Update both the docker image, and the bbbxc script.


The following command-line options and environment variables are used. In all cases, the command-line option overrides the environment variable.

BBBXC_CONFIG / --config <path-to-config-file>

This file is sourced if it exists.

Default: ~/.bbbxc

BBBXC_IMAGE / --image <docker-image-name>

The docker image to run.

Default: siana/cross-bbb

BBBXC_ARGS / --args <docker-run-args>

Extra arguments to pass to the docker run command.


bbbxc make

Build the Makefile in the current directory.

bbbxc arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc -o hello ./examples/hello.c
file hello

Standard bintools are available by adding an bbbxc- prefix.

bbbxc bash -c 'find . -name \*.o | sort > objects.txt'

Note that commands are executed verbatim. If you require any shell processing for environment variable expansion or redirection, please use bash -c 'command args...'.

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