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Sets up a boilerplate Docker environment for NVIDIA CUDA.
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This Dockerfile uses the following base image by NVIDIA Docker:


Below is a listing of the programs, libraries, and compilers are included in this Dockerfile:

Content Description
build-essential A slew of packages necessary to compile Debian packages
byobu Terminal multiplexer built on top of GNU Screen
CMake Cross-platform make system
curl Tool for transferring data with URL syntax
g++ GNU C++ compiler (GNU Compiler Collection)
gcc GNU C compiler (GNU Compiler Collection)
gfortran GNU Fortran 95 compiler
git Distributed revision control system
make GNU Make is a utility program for generating executables
nano Small, simple text editor
pkg-config System for managing library compile and link flags
rsync A utility program for fast file transfer
unzip De-archiver for .zip files
wget Network utility for file retrieval over HTTP(S) and FTP

Keep in mind that some of these packages may already be installed by a parent container.

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