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web application to let you translate your legacy rules to nftables via iptables-translate.
Full Description
docker run -dit -p 8080:3000 alemayhu/2nft
# Visit http://localhost:8080


2nft consists of three parts. The user facing part is a Angular
application. The Angular app communicates with a server running a small HTTP
API. The couple of methods implemented are described in the API section.

If you are not familiar with JavaScript, the server component here is a
Node.js application. The server has three dependencies Express,
body-parser and nodeman. Express is the main framework used to
develop the server and body-parser basically extends it so that we can handle
incoming requests by parsing the .body. nodemon is just a local dependency
meant for local development. The exact versions are available in the


The server consists of four GET and one POST methods.

  • POST /translate - runs iptables-translate <input> returns new rules and
    hash which can be used for downloading the file.
  • GET /download/:hash - sends the file if it exists or redirects to /help.
  • GET /version - returns iptables revision from git output.
  • GET /help - returns iptables-translate --help output.
  • GET /werbinich - returns whoami output.

As you might have guessed, the third part is forwarding all the rules to
iptables-translate. The server uses a child process to execute to
iptables-translate with the POSTed values. Some input sanitizing is applied to
prevent the user from abusing the system.

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