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Docker Centos 6 Desktop environment

Create dev workstation

docker-machine create -d virtualbox dev

Get IP address

docker-machine ip dev

Connect Docker

eval "$(docker-machine env dev)"

Copy the sources to following path:
MacOS: /Users/<USERNAME>/Docker/centos6-desktop
Windows: /c/Users/<USERNAME>/Docker/centos6-desktop

Build image

docker-machine ssh dev
cd /Users/<USERNAME>/Docker/centos6-desktop
cd /c/Users/<USERNAME>/docker/centos6-desktop
docker build --force-rm=true -t alexagency/centos6-desktop .

Run container in the background

docker run -d -p 5900:5900 -p 5901:5901 -p 3389:3389 alexagency/centos6-desktop

Run container interactive with remove container after exit (--rm)

docker run -it --rm -p 5900:5900 -p 5901:5901 -p 3389:3389 alexagency/centos6-desktop


5900 root:centos, 5901 user:password

Show list of all containers:

docker ps -a

To remove all stopeed containers:

docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

Show list of all images:

docker images

To remove image by id:

docker rmi -f <IMAGE ID>

To save repository:image to archive:

docker save alexagency/centos6-desktop > /Users/<USERNAME>/Desktop/centos6-desktop.tar

To load repository from archive:

docker load < /Users/<USERNAME>/Desktop/centos6-desktop.tar
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