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OWTF - Offensive Web Testing Framework

Official Docker image for OWASP OWTF.

Building the image:

  • Install Docker.(specific instructions can be found here).

  • Then run these commands, please notice that the first time these commands are run the script will download docker images from the registry,
    which might take a while depending on your internet connection.

    git clone
  • Run docker build -t <yourpreferredname> <path to Dockerfile>.


  • You can launch your OWTF container by running docker run -itd --privileged -p 8009:8009 -p 8010:8010 <image name>.

    • -d launches the container as a daemon.
    • -p 8009:8009 maps the port 8009 of the host machine to the port 8009 of the container. (syntax: <host port>:<container port>)
    • Get the image name by running docker images.
  • Point your browser to <hostip>:8009.

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