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Opensearchserver on Debian
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Run a container

/path/to/local/folder must be a directory that must contains directories opensearchserver/data. It will be used as the data folder by OpenSearchServer.

docker run -d -P -v </path/to/local/folder>:/srv alexandretoyer/opensearchserver
  • parameter -d tells docker to daemonize this container (run in background)
  • parameter -P tells docker to map ports exposed in the container
  • parameter -v is used to map a local folder to the /srv folder inside the container

Configure memory

Variable MEMORY can be used to configure memory to allow to OpenSearchServer.

Value can be expressed with unit k, m or g.

docker run -d -P -v </path/to/local/folder>:/srv -e MEMORY=4g alexandretoyer/opensearchserver

Get port used by Docker

docker ps -l

Here is an output example:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                    COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                     NAMES
3b49cb1c7fed        alexandretoyer/opensearchserver:latest   /bin/sh -c '/start_o   23 minutes ago      Up 23 minutes>9090/tcp   backstabbing_mayer

Column PORTS gives us the port to use. In this example it's 49185.

Open browser to access OpenSearchServer

Browse to<port used by docker>, for example

Docker Pull Command