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Simple log server for node.js applications
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Log server for node.js applications


The server is based on winstond project

The server accepts log-messages via HTTP and saves in configured files.


The configuration of the server is stored in conf.js

Configuration parameters are:

  • host - host name or ip address of the server (default: localhost)
  • port - port to listen (default: 4114)
  • log_dir - directory where log files are stored (default: /log)
  • files - this option allows to assign the output file for each log levels; the list of log levels: error, warn, info, verbose, debug, silly (default: {info: info.log})

Starting server

  1. Create service directory
    $ mkdir -p /path/to/service/dir
  2. Place conf.js from this repository in the created direcory. Adjust configuration
  3. Run docker container
    $ docker run -d --name log-server -p 4114:4114 -v /path/to/service/dir/conf.js:/server/conf.js -v /path/to/service/dir/log:/log alexd1971/log-server
  4. Alternatively you can use docker-compose to run the server
    1. Copy log-server.yml from this repository to /path/to/service/dir
    2. Run server
      $ docker-compose -f /path/to/service/dir/log-server.yml up -d
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