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learnyounode is an interactive course to learn the basics of node.js.
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Dockerized learnyounode


learnyounode is an interactive course to learn the basics of node.js

When I started to put the exercises into a container I naturally installed sshd along with nano and git, but as I learnt more about the 'docker way' I realised this was going against the grain.

This repo is my attempt to access everything needed to do the full course without having to interact with the container through a bash shell or ssh. To enable the correct parameters to be passed into the container I have put together a quick bash script used to launch the container. The script is not essential but it does save a lot of typing.



Switched to Alpine Linux, for a much smaller image


  • git clone this repo
  • build the container with ./ or docker build -t alexellis2/learnyounodedocker .
  • type in docker images and you will see alexellis2/learnyounodedocker available in your

Running the course

  • To list all available lessons type in


  • To see the instructions for a lesson:


  • To try out your solution save your file as i.e. ex1.js and drop it in
    exercises then type:

./ "HELLO WORLD" "ex1.js"

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