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A docker container for hacking on GHC

This is on the docker registry as alexeyraga/ghc-cross-arm.
To use, mount your GHC source code into /home/ghc

sudo docker run --rm -i -t -v `pwd`:/home/ghc alexeyraga/ghc-cross-arm /bin/bash

You are now ready to compile GHC!

To cross-compile use cabal-arm command

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2 years ago

There's a bug in cabal-arm where if cabal fails during the install function, the error is ignored and cabal-arm still returns 0.

I ran into this when using your ghc-cross-arm-cloud dockerfile, since the RUN cabal-arm install commands were all failures, but docker was ignoring the failures since they all returned 0, so the container started up, but was non-functional.

ghc@2cb72cb6a515:~$ cabal-arm install "data-accessor"
/tmp/tmp.bXUTVbI0vx ~
Warning: The package list for '' does not exist. Run 'cabal
update' to download it.
cabal: There is no package named 'data-accessor'.
You may need to run 'cabal update' to get the latest list of available
/usr/local/bin/cabal-arm: line 20: cd: data-accessor*: No such file or directory
find: `Setup.*hs': No such file or directory
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find ./: File format not recognized
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
/usr/local/bin/cabal-arm: line 22: ./setup: No such file or directory
/usr/local/bin/cabal-arm: line 23: ./setup: No such file or directory
sudo: ./setup: command not found
ghc@2cb72cb6a515:~$ echo $?