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A container for running no.js, the JavaScript-free web chat application
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Check out the project's GitHub repository at .

To run the application:

  1. Pull and run the image from the host machine:
    $ docker pull alexpogue/nodotjs
    $ docker run -i -p 7000:7000 -t alexpogue/nodotjs /bin/bash
  2. Inside the container, run the no.js application
    $ service redis-server start
    $ cd /home/no.js
    $ python nodotjs/ production

You should see a message saying Serving on port 7000...

Run the following command on the host and note the ip address output:

$ docker-machine ip default

Then, open a web browser on the host machine and visit http://<ip address>:7000

And you're in. Register a name, create a room, and talk between two browser windows.

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