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All that's needed to run woapps in one container (apache, woadaptor, java, wotaskd, javamonitor)
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The goal of this image is to easely test WOA's on a laptop before going to production.
Containers launched with this image will run apache/wodapator/wotaskd/JavaMonitor, it's based on a basic debian/jessie with :

  • apache 2.4
  • java 1.8.45
  • woadaptor compiled for apache 2.4
  • wonder wotaskd 6.1
  • wonder javamonitor 6.1

This image does not contain wo frameworks, your woa's embed them, right ?

You should NOT use this image in production. Instead, using Docker, you could run your woa in simple java-based containers and use a generic load-balancing container based on some nginx ou haproxy.



Command line

docker run -ti --rm -p 80:80 -p 56789:56789 -v $HOME/wodocker/apps:/mywoapps -v $HOME/wodocker/conf:/opt/Local/Library/WebObjects/Configuration -v $HOME/wodocker/htdocs:/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/WebObjects -v $HOME/wodocker/logs:/var/log/WebObjects alextu/wofull

Okay the command line is quite large due to volume sharing :
Create a wodocker directory in your $HOME
After running the command line, it will create the following directories mapped to the container directories :

  • apps : put here your woa
  • conf : wotaskd will persist here the SiteConfig.xml, thus you will not lose the config after container restart
  • htdocs : put here your webserver resources
  • logs : apps will write logs here, if you configure them in JavaMonitor to write to /var/log/WebObjects

Beware on Mac OS X, by default you can't share folders not contained in your home directory :

Running JavaMonitor and your apps

You can access JavaMonitor on http://${hostip}:56789
You can view your $hostip with docker-machine ls if you use docker-machine.

You should add localhost as a host of type UNIX in the "Hosts" tab.

You can access your apps on http://${hostip}/apps/WebObjects/MyApp.woa

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