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Discord bot to shame your friends.
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Shame your friends in Discord for doing stupid things. :bell:


Simply go to to install the bot on your Discord server!


Just type !shame while in a voice channel!


Shamebell-bot requires the following for development:

  • Go 1.4+
  • Redis

To get started, first create an app and bot on Discord:

Then git clone and install Go dependencies:

git clone /go/src/
go get -u
dep ensure

You can now run the bot and web backend in separate processes:

go run cmd/web/web.go -r "<redis host:port>"

go run cmd/bot/bot.go -t "<your discord bot token>" -r "<redis host:port>"

Now build the frontend:

cd static && yarn

# Run the development server
yarn start

You should now have 3 separate processes: The bot, web backend and web frontend.

Load http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.


A docker-compose.yml is provided to easily setup and launch the bot, web server, and redis instance.

Pre-built Docker images are available and tagged for use at

This makes it easy to deploy if your server has Docker installed using docker-compose or docker-swarm.

  • Add your bot's auth token to docker-compose.yml's, bot entrypoint -t flag.
  • Run docker-compose:
    docker-compose up
  • Load http://localhost:4000/ in browser to see the website.

Updating Version

Update docker-compose.yml bot and web tag to the latest version, then run:

docker-compose up -d --no-deps




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