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0.5 : hadoop 2.6 + opencv 2.4.9 / java8 : only hadoop 2.6 using java 8
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I have java sources that create and resize cluseter automatically using java remote api, but I don't know how to upload. If you want to build cluster yourself, follow this guide line.

<1>. Create master and slaves using run command. e.g :

-> docker run -i -t –name master -h master -p 50070:50070 alicek106/hadoop:0.5 /bin/bash

(50070 port is NameNode dashboard. If you want to use webhcat or other dependencies, add more -p option)

-> docker run -i -t –name slave0 -h slave0 –link master:master alicek106/hadoop:0.5 /bin/bash

…… and just slave containers as you like!

<2>. Confirm slaves' virtual IP. If slave0's ip is, slave1's ip will be

<3>. Attach to master and edit /etc/hosts. Add lines like below slave0 slave1

….. if you have more slaves, just add lines!

<4>. Edit $HADOOP_CONFIG_HOME/slaves like below :



….. more slaves?

<5>. Start all components


<6>. Check whether all slaves are working.

-> hdfs dfsadmin -report

If you have any problems, contact me as or

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