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InfluxDB archiver for Alidron
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InfluxDB archiver for Alidron

Made to work with InfluxDB 0.9+. Capable of doing time smoothing and archive or not based on the metadata of each IsacValue. It also buffers in case the DB cannot be reached anymore.

Docker containers

The Docker images are accessibles on:

Dockerfiles are accessible from the Github repository:


Instanciate an InfluxDB database. You don't need to setup the schemas or users, the archiver will do it at the first connection.

Make a copy of config_template.yaml and fill in the informations about the DB users, password and schema name you wish to use. If these are not already existing the root user information in the config file will be used to create them.

To start an archiver:

$ docker run -d --name=al-arch-influx -e DB_PORT_8086_TCP_ADDR=<YOUR DB IP> -e DB_PORT_8086_TCP_PORT=<YOUT DB PORT> -v `pwd`/buffer:/data alidron/alidron-archiver-influxdb python your_config_file.yaml

You can start as many archiver as you want. Just be sure you change the --name parameter on Docker run command line.

License and contribution policy

This project is licensed under MPLv2.

To contribute, please, follow the C4.1 contribution policy.

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