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Repeat ZBeacon UDP packets on different Docker hosts on the same network
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Alidron repeater

Made to workaround an issue in Docker.

Listen for UDP broadcast from ZBeacon (through the original ZBeacon actor from Pyre).
Publish these packets on a PUB socket.
Other repeaters connect to the PUB sockets of all other repeaters.
Repeaters are discovered through the Consul service used by Docker to create its multi-host network.
Any packet received on the SUB socket is then repeated locally by a UDP broadcast, reusing ZBeacon class.

The Zbeacon and Pyre protocol had to be changed for this to work:

  • Allow the Zbeacon actor to transmit an abitrary packet (API exposed through its internal actor pipe).
  • PyreNode understand that if the received UDP packet is longer than normal, then it considers that the remaining bytes are the original IP address (as a string) instead of the one from which it received the packet from (which would be a repeater address).

Docker containers

The Docker images are accessible on:

Dockerfiles are accessible from the Github repository:


In the following command replace CONSUL_HOST with the address/IP of the consul service Docker is using for its multi-host networking.

$ docker run -d -p 2340:2340 -e "DONT_IP=`hostname -I`" alidron/alidron-repeater python CONSUL_HOST

License and contribution policy

This project is licensed under MPLv2.

To contribute, please, follow the C4.1 contribution policy.

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