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alinode docker by aliyun
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Alinode Docker

Dockerfile for alinode.

Docker Hub

You may use this Dockerfile via Docker Hub.

The repo is here.

And the docker pull command is:

$ docker pull alinode/alinode-docker

With AgentX && Run app.js

This docker may use with AgentX together.

You should specified these environment variables:

  • APP_ID: Application ID generated by alinode dashboard.
  • APP_SECRET: Application secret value generated by alinode dashboard.
  • AGENTX_ERROR_LOG: Application error log path. Eg. /root/.logs/error.#YYYY#-#MM#-#DD#.log
# docker run  -d -p 1337:1337 -it  -e "APP_ID=xxx" -e "APP_SECRET=xxx" -v /root/src/:/web/ node /web/app.js

And we recommended you bind hostname same as host mechine. Because hostname changes follows the container id. So, command is that:

# docker run  -d -p 1337:1337 -h `hostname`  -e "APP_ID=xxx" -e "APP_SECRET=xxx" -v /root/src/:/web/ node /web/app.js


You're welcome to make pull requests!

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