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This is a container for Cachet that runs using NGINX, PHP-FPM, and MySQL. Automatic builds and updates done daily by SemaphoreCI


In this container, we will use environment variables to configure Cachet instead of the .env file. As a result, we can persist changes accross various installations without having to mount anything.

To setup MySQL without the default password, you will have to update all occurances of MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MYSQL_DATABASE in docker-compose.yml with your desired values.

Starting the container

docker-compose up -d

Save the App Key

To save the app key (it will be lost when the container is upgraded), run the following command, which will display the app key

docker logs cachet_app_1

Set the app key permanantly by adding it to docker-compose.yml in the environment section.


      - APP_KEY="base64:Xlwt9gnVWtwRR/xSMuGIZ71xV3jerFt3I8+BJ6HcxvQ="
      - DB_DRIVER=mysql
      - DB_HOST=mysql
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