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Short Description
sinoparserd service, for chinese text processing-related REST Api
Full Description

sinoparserd (in Rust)

Run it

simply launch the binary ./sinoparserd

you can also use the docker image:

docker build -t sinoparserd .
docker run --name sino  -p 4000:4000 -d  sinoparserd

Use it

By default it opens an http connection on port 4000

Right now there's one api on

POST /keywords which expect this payload


    "text" : "some chinese text"

and it will return you the "keywords" of your text

    "10": 7, 
    "20": 2, 
    "一位": 2, 
    "世纪": 2, 
    "人物": 4, 
    "任": 2, 
    "但": 2, 
    "使用": 2, 
    "元": 5, 
    "决定": 2, 
    "出现": 3, 
    "登上": 3, 
    "目前": 2, 
    "称": 2, 
    "纸币": 4, 
    "美元": 7, 
    "美国": 10, 
    "美国第": 2, 
    "美钞": 9, 
    "表示": 2, 
    "设计": 2, 
    "评选": 2, 
    "财政部": 3, 
    "财长": 4, 
    "货币": 3, 
    "过": 3, 
    "重新设计": 2, 
    "领袖": 2, 
    "首次": 3

The value is the relevance score of the given Chinese word.

Build it

sinoparserd is built against rust 1.0.0

To compile:

cargo build

Break it

If you got unexpected result, if it crash etc. feel free to fill a bug report

Fix it

PR are more than welcome, be it for bug fixing or adding new feature, I can guide you if you're new in rust etc.

License it


Data set

The data in words.json come from the project CC-CEDICT , which is under CC-BY-SA license

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