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Mapproxy container for pre-rendered tiles.
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Docker container with Mapproxy and Mapnik on apache2

This container runs Apache 2 with Mapproxy configured to working together. It requires pre-rendered tiles.

This container has the following parameters:

  • Port "80", where Apache 2 listens on.
  • Volume "/var/www/osm_tiles", where pre-rendered tiles are placed.

The following URLs are available:

Starting the container

docker run -v "${PWD}/tiles":/var/www/osm_tiles -p 80:80 alleveenstra/mapproxy

Creating pre-rendered tiles

In the subdirectory tiles/ you will find "".
Edit this file to change the parameters found in its top.
And run it to fetch rendered tiles.

Note that on selinux enabled hosts, mounting the pre-rendered tiles will not work unless you:

su -c "setenforce 0"
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